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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 13, Issue 3, 1965

Włodzimierz Sedlak
Pages 31-54

Zonal Differentiation of the Chemical Contents of the Earth and Volcanica Phenomena

The drift of the electrons and ions leads to the deoxidation, desilification and dealkalization of the inner Earth. Ferrsmagnetics drift centre-wise. Consequently there arises a larger concentration of iron, first as peridotite, olivines, spinels, then in ferrooxides presenting various degrees of reduction, and at last, a layer of metal iron (fig. 1). Thus the outer core of the Earth is formed, enclosing primitive silicates (inner core). The formation of the layer of metal iron changes the conditions of differentiation in the inner core. Deoxidation, desilification and dealkalization come to an end; on the other hand, hydrogen diffuses through iron causing a gradual reduction of ferrooxides. The decomposition of conductors and semiconductors brought about in the Earth by tho radial drift of electrons and ions entails thermoelectric phenomena. As. a consequence, the Earth cools from the centre, while the outer coat undergoes warming (fig. 2). The author suggests a uniform division into zones and layers, taking into account seismic data as well as the chemical differentiation of the Earth (fig. 3). At the basis of the ultimate differentiation lie radially occurring processes : redox potential, electric and thermic gradient, O, Si, K, Na drift, converse drift of Fe, Ni, Co, and induced electromagnetic wave alternately enclosed in the spheric wave guide of the metal iron layer, then reflecting from the outer surface of the spheric wave guide into outer space. Geo-zones and layers form simultaneously. Consequently, the zones do not closely adhere to one another. The differentiation of the mechanical moments follows, characterized by the distribution of pressure (fig. 4). The common centre of gravity of the system Earth-Moon further complicates the mechanical conditions. A „gravitational wave” arises in the inner core (fig. 5). Ionized silicates of the inner core induce a magneto-hydro-dynamic (m-h-d) wave producing alternating magnetism in the iron layer and contributing to the formation of the geo-magnetic field. The author interprets earthquakes and volcanism as a local fusion of silicates on the principle of the magnetic lens. The accompanying longitudinal or transversal m-h-d wave transfers the fusion centres vertically or horizontally. The resorbed focuses cause a magmatic vacuum, the sinking of which induces earthquake. Clefts appear in the process preparing the way for volcanic eruption.

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