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Roczniki Filozoficzne

Volume 11, Issue 3, 1963

Włodzimierz Sedlak
Pages 45-64

Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes in the Geoenergetic System

The author presents the possibility of differentiating premagmas in the peridot, Sima and Sial zones. The differentiating was performed by diffusing ions and electrons through a net of crystalline silicates. The chemical structure of the zones mentioned shows that this process was connected with desilification, deoxidation, and dealkalization. The diffusion of Si, Al, O, K, Na took place from the centre of the Earth to the peripheries (fig. 1). Oxygen and potassium with considerable ion radiation collecting in Sial increased its bulk with the simultaneous shrinking of the centre of the Earth (fig. 2). The dispersal of Sial masses on the surface of the Earth took an unusually long time due to changes in the direction of the diffusion of the,ions and electrons in a whirling geomagnetic field (fig.3). The North pole dispersed the diffusing Sial elements, the South pole attracted them. The present dispersion of Sial masses shows that the axis and the magnetic pole were to be found im the Pacific and in south-west Africa (fig. 4). The development of geosynclines would thus take place along other lines than present hypotheses suggest. The diffusion of ions and electrons in the silicate semiconductor gives, in certain circumstances, thermal effects, whith could cause partial melting of the silicates. A local magnetic focus in favourable conditions causes a volcanic eruption. Otherwise, the phenomenon of the slow resorption of the focus takes place. A change in bulk after partial ejection of volatile bodies may cause a disturbance in the statics of rock strata, producing earthquakes. Volcanos and earthquakes would thus be two different pictures of the same Phenomenon of the transformation of electrical energy into thermal and mechanical energy according to the diagram in fig. 5. This article is an introductory communication from the author in the sphere of volcanic activity and earthquakes.

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