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Philosophy Today

Volume 62, Issue 1, Winter 2018

Special Symposium: Rebecca Tuvel and Her Interlocutors

Sabrina L. Hom
Pages 31-50
DOI: 10.5840/philtoday2018215199

(Dis)Engaging with Race Theory
Feminist Philosophy’s Debate on “Transracialism” as a Case Study

Rebecca Tuvel’s controversial “In Defense of Transracialism” has been criticized for a lack of engagement with critical race theory. Disengagement with salient material on race is a consistent feature of the philosophical conversation out of which it arises. In this article, I trace the origins of feminist philosophy’s disengaged and distorted view of “transracialism” and racial passing through the work of Janice Raymond, Christine Overall, and Cressida Heyes, and consider some of the relevant work on passing that is omitted in the philosophy of “transracialism.” Finally, I offer methodological suggestions to avoid such distortions and omissions in feminist philosophy.

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