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Philosophy Today

Volume 61, Issue 4, Fall 2017

Angelica Nuzzo
Pages 817-832
DOI: 10.5840/philtoday20171212182

"Living in the Interregnum"
Hegelian Reflections on the "Dynamic Universal"

The essay uses the second moment of Hegel’s “absolute method,” namely, the moment of the advancing action, in order to shed light on the constitution of the dynamic universal in society, politics, and history through the moment of stasis or crisis. In the action that advances or in the middle moment of the method lies the “crisis” of the unfolding process. Dialectically, action advances by stalling and imploding but also by emerging from this frozen state, moving on from it. I indicate the moment of crisis-stasis as the predicament of “living in the interregnum” and examine it by appealing to Thucydides, Gramsci, and Gordimer.

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