Phenomenology 2010

Volume 1, 2010

Selected Essays from Asia and Pacific

Iida Suguru
Pages 435-452

Action and Time Toward Elucidation of Life-worldly Time

The purpose of this paper is to review the structure of the subjective time which has not been explicitly discussed by Schutz, with the action theory by him as a guide, and to show the overlapping time structure interwoven by intentional experience and objective time to be life-worldly time. Eventually, by disclosing the three phases of life-worldly time constituted by the intersection of multiple qualitatively differing times, two conclusions can be drawn: intentional experiences are not self-identical, but in an inter-reflective relationship with objective time; and the ego constituting time in the natural attitude can be positioned on intentional experience only through self-referential circulation by action as a medium.