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Phenomenology 2005

Volume 2, Issue Part 1, 2007

Selected Essays from Latin America Part 1

Cecilia Monteagudo
Pages 345-357

Phenomenological Attitude and Hermeneutical Attitude in the Philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer

Th is paper relates to the recent attention to Husserlian influence on Hans-Georg Gadamer’s hermeneutics, and purports to show how it is related not only to in conceptual and methodological debt, but also a source of inspiration for hermeneutics as the art of listening and to be ready to acknowledge but not to own the truth. We claim that although Gadamer does not subscribe the project of transcendental phenomenology, he does accept the vital attitude and ethical exigency of Husserl’s proposal, especially regarding the future of science and the European humanity. In that sense, this paper will show this Husserlian influence on the themes of the linguistic plurality that characterizes our “life in the language” and the need to develop a ecumenical and dialogical thought in order to cope with the challenges of this new century.

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