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NTU Philosophical Review

Issue 16, January 1993

Jun-Chun Chang
Pages 97-120

Chu Hsi's View of Education and Its Contemporary Significance

The goal of this research project is to investigate the theoretical foundation of philosophy of education of Chu Hsi , including its metaphysics, its theory of human nature and its view of human life, etc. And from his educational ideals and theory of self-fulfilment to find out Chu's view of traditional Chinese ideas of general education. Furthermore, to investigate his educational practice, especially his methods and process; and from his long years of public service to assess his practical achievements, and from these achievements to figure out its great influence to the later dynasties in order to obtain some precious theory of education and historical experience and, thence, to evaluate its modern significances. My method of investigation is, first,to induce the first-hand source of data and, then, to clarify its philosophical ideas with the help of history of thoughts and history of idealogy and, lastly, to compare it with modern ideas of education, particularIy with a view of the educational situation of Taiwan in order to get some locally cogent contemporary significances. The process of investigation and expecting results of this research project can be summarized as the following four items: I. Chu's philosophical foundation of educational ideas, including its ontology, theory of human nature, view of human value and its philosophical view of history and culture-this is the investigation in the aspect of its philosophical foundation. II. Chu's over-all view of moral education, personality education, knowledge education, education as personal investment, especially his over-all view of the traditional general education-this is the investigation in the aspect of the theoretical content of his educational thoughts. III. From his massive writings on education to find out his way of educational practice in order to understand his system of education, including his view of educational bureaucracy, his teaching materials, textbooks, methods, etc.-this is the investigation of his educational practice. IV. By comparing Chu's educational theory and practice with contemporary ones, especially in the context of the concrete educational stituation about the practice of general education here in Taiwan we try to find out the contemporary significance of Chu's educational view. From the above expected results this research project may provide some valuable suggestions to our educators as well as to some future investigators.

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