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The Leibniz Review

Volume 10, December 2000

Pages 103-112

John Toland’s ‘Remarques Critiques sur le Systême de Monsr. Leibnitz de l’Harmonie préetablie’

This piece appeared as article 5 in the Histoire critique de la République des lettres for 1716. Published anonymously, its traditional attribution to John Toland may now be taken as established.1 It was transmitted to the Histoire by Pierre Desmaizeaux who also sent the piece which it criticises, ‘Réponse de M. Leibniz aux reflexions ... de M. Bayle’. This was written in 1702 but not published until 1716 when it appeared as article 4 in the same volume of the Histoire. Leibniz’s response to Toland is in a letter of the same year to Samuel Masson, the editor of the Histoire. ‘Remarques critiques’ has never been reprinted, and a facsimile copy of the journal pages follows our translation in this issue of The Leibniz Review. This is the first published English translation, as translated by Richard Francks and R.S. Woolhouse.