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Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion

Volume 21, December 2016

Collected Works of Kisor K. Chakrabarti, Part I

Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti
Pages 122-132

Response to Roy W. Perrett's Review of Classical Indian Philosophy of Mind
The Nyaya Dualist Tradition

In the Nyaya view a causal condition is a non-superfluous invariable antecedent of the effect. Does this mean that causality for the Nyaya is a necessary connection as some scholars suggest? No. Invariable antecedence means that a causal condition is not the negatum of any absolute absence in the locus of the effect immediately before the latter’s origin (a causal condition is not absent where the effect arises immediately before origin). Non-superfluity means fulfilling requirements of economy three main kinds of which are economy in constitution (non-inclusion of anything redundant), economy in relation (something related directly is preferable to something related indirectly) and economy in cognitive order (being knowable in fewer steps). None of the above jointly or severally involve necessity.

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