International Journal of Philosophical Practice

Volume 4, Issue 3, Spring 2017

Barbara Piozzini
Pages 1-13

Applying LBT in Group Settings

This study is to show how the Logic-Based Therapy (LBT) method can be applied to groups in an attempt to point out possible risks and benefits of its application related to a group context. From observation and analysis a single practical case has been outlined, taking into consideration influence of group dynamics on the counselees’ cognitive processes during the LBT session. Judging from the analysis of the outlined results, it seems that intersubjectivity can play an important role if considered as a productive resource in the co-construction of a changing process among LBT group members during the application of its six steps. In particular, new research fields on the need to analyze LBT in groups have been opened, exploiting the possibility to consider the group as an autonomous entity, especially in long term counseling therapies.