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International Corporate Responsibility Series

Volume 3, 2007

Controversies in International Corporate Responsibility

Irina Soboleva
Pages 269-282
DOI: 10.5840/icr2007317

Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia
Peculiarities and Problems

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a subject of broad public and academic discussion in Russia for several years now. The author argues that the key criterion for CSR is direct (non-market-based) cooperation among all stakeholders, cooperation that to a large extent shapes the behavior of the firm and therefore includes ethical and social concerns in the decision-making process. On the basis of this criterion, three levels of CSR are distinguished. The main factors that are gradually shaping the Russian model of CSR are emphasized. It is shown that lack of state social expenditure and a coherent system of benefits for socially responsible firms, coupled with the persistence of paternalistic relations, hinder and bias the development of socially responsible behavior at all levels. The author argues that CSR practices can be effectively realized only if accompanied by a coherent state social policy.

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