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Volume 19, 2018

Lisa Daus Neville
Pages 125-133
DOI: 10.5840/glimpse20181913

Memory of the Future
Cecilia Vicuñia’s Participatory Poetics and Murray Bookchin’s Unfolding Dialectical Freedom

Chilean poet, visual, conceptual, environmental artist, and filmmaker, Cecilia Vicuña, revalorizes the ancient Incan technology of quipu as a gathering of originary emptiness. In this empty core our essential connectedness can be realized. Vicuna’s complementary dialectic of openness and interdependence is theorized by North American philosopher, Murray Bookchin, as an ecology of freedom in which human being becomes aware of itself as nature’s own self-expression. This paper wonders the role of art in today’s field of intensifying ecological crisis and economic injustice and suggests that it may only be the art and activity that requires our participation in order to effectuate itself that has the power to heal our calcified discrete identities and return us to our evolutionary origins in an ecology of interdependence.