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Filosofia Theoretica

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2016

Emerson Abraham Jackson
Pages 37-53

Phronesis and the Epistemological Journey through Research undertakings involving Human Participants in the Context of Sierra Leone

This article has provided some philosophical thoughts concerning the journey of research undertakings involving human participants, with consideration given to both natural / physical and human / social science fields, and with a focus on the situation in Sierra Leone (where ‘ethical prudence’ seemed to be lacking for various reasons). In the process of professional engagement, researchers must seek to give serious reflective thoughts on how their engagement may affect participants and communities - this study has unravelled some thoughts on evolving perspectives (technology-mediated engagement and feminist views). Ethical code of practice has been highlighted as an important instrument in helping researchers (particularly in the Sierra Leone context) manifest serious thoughts in their epistemic quest for pursuing knowledge, through engagement with human participants. The ethical requirement of a researcher to demonstrate intellectual virtue / prudence is a key aspect of the discourse in this article - that which enable trust to be established, and more so, the researcher's ability to exercise practical wisdom in their engagement with research communities.

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