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Forum Philosophicum

Volume 15, Issue 1, Autumn 2010

Paul B. Cliteur
Pages 205-226
DOI: 10.5840/forphil201015126

Religion and Violence or the Reluctance to Study this Relationship

This article is about the religious roots of violence, in particular religious terrorism. The author argues that there is a great reluctance to study this relationship. This is unfortunate because only on the basis of a realistic estimate of the facts can a successful counterterrorist strategy be developed. One of the problems with religious violence is that holy scriptures, in some passages, exhort believers to violent acts. In combination with a theory of ethics that is known as “divine command morality” this is problematic. Even if the holy book contains only a small percentage of passages invoking violence they pose a problem if the whole book is considered to be holy and the word of God.