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Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

Volume 57, Issue 3, 2020

Petr S. Kusliy
Pages 217-231

Searching for the Justification of Realism

This critical analytical review examines the ways in which realism can be justified in epistemology and philosophy of science and which are presented in the collection of papers “Perspectives of Realism in Modern Philosophy” (M., 2017). The exposition of areas in which the authors of this book study the problems of realism, as well as those arguments in its defense that they offer, is given. A criticism of these arguments is presented, according to which all of them are not able to convince an antirealist to abandon their views in favor of realism. The question of whether realists and anti-realists have the same object of discussion and what could become a common ground for them is explored. The author suggests that an appeal to language can become such a common ground and reproduces Frege’s argument against skeptics and idealists as a possible methodological justification for realism.

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