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Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

Volume 46, Issue 4, 2015

Nikolai S. Rozov
Pages 180-192

The Criticisms by Researches of Reforms of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Basic Values

Since the autumn of 2013 the scientific community in Russia feels anxiety and dismay. The discontent is articulated at conferences in numerous publications. Analysis of typical criticisms of the reform of the RAS reveals underlying scientists' ideas about organization of Russian science and proper directions of its development. To assess these judgments about the reforms the basic values about science and theoretical foundation are needed. Priority should be given to the following ones: a) the intrinsic value of knowledge and the growth of scientific knowledge, of development of philosophical thinking; b) openness and freedom of intellectual exchange, communication links,the unacceptability of scientific and educational exclusion; c) science must respond to the requests of social groups and strata, to the needs of the economy and the business, to public requests from both the central government and the regional authorities. The ideal of national science is considered as an imaginary model that meets the values stated above There are tactical problems related to current government policy, legal and administrative conditions, that should not replace the long-term strategic goals, based on the fundamental values of science and modern social theories of creativity and cultural production. If the strategic vision of the development of Russian science should take into account the principles of the plurality of network centers, the institutionalization of crossing networks and competitiveness, transparency, financial and administrative autonomy of research centers, multiple channels of support and funding, the tactical objectives should be focused on minimizing the damage to the research teams in the current circumstances, as well as on finding ways to promote strategic objectives.

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