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Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy

Volume 26, Issue 1, Fall 2021

Hans-Georg Gadamer, Cynthia R. NielsenOrcid-ID, David LiakosOrcid-ID
Pages 251-258

Music and Time
A Philosophical Postscript (1988) by Hans-Georg Gadamer

This is a translation of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s 1988 essay, “Musik und Zeit: Ein philosophisches Postscriptum.” The essay, although brief, is noteworthy in that it contains Gadamer’s philosophical reflections on music—reflections which are largely absent in his masterwork, Truth and Method. In the essay, one finds several important Gadamerian hermeneutical themes such as the notion of art as performance or enactment (Vollzug), the linguisticality of understanding, the importance of lingering with an artwork or text, and how our absorption in the work gives rise to a particular experience of time.