Environmental Philosophy

Volume 18, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Jack Black, Jim Cherrington
Pages 41-63

Temporal Ontology in Ecology
Developing an Ecological Awareness Through Time, Temporality and the Past-present Parallax

Theoretical applications of time and temporality remain a key consideration for both climate scientists and the humanities. By way of extending this importance, we critically examine Timothy Morton’s proposed “ecological awareness” alongside Slavoj Žižek’s “parallax view.” In doing so, the article introduces a “past-present parallax” in order to contest that, while conceptions of the past are marked by “lack,” equally, our conceptions of and relations to Nature remain grounded in an ontological incompleteness, marked by contingency. This novel approach presents an ecological awareness that remains temporally attuned to the impasses and inconsistencies which frame our relations in/with Nature.