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Volume 4, 2015

Ethics and Politics / Éthique et politique

Patrice Canivez
Pages 35-48
DOI: 10.5840/ecoethica201545

L ’idée de démocratie transnationale

This article deals with the notion of transnational democracy, which is an object of debate in contemporary political philosophy. The analysis focuses on a few central issues. First, the notion of transnationality is developed in contrast with the ideal-type of the nation-state (I). Two possible viewpoints on transnational democracy are envisaged, in relation to the opposition between state and society and the alternative between representation and participation (II). Then, three paradigms of transnational democracy are defined (III) and their respective limits are examined (IV). An extended conclusion develops some remarks regarding the transformation and “universalization” of traditions (V).

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