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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 29, Issue 1, 2019

Philosophy in an Age of Crisis, Part I

Olatunji A. Oyeshile, Omotayo Oladebo
Pages 217-232

Beyond Capitalism and Marxism
Towards a New Theory of African Development

This paper revisits the perennial crisis of African development. The authors, unoblivious of theories that have been put forward for ending this crisis, delimit their intervention to the political and economic aspects. They review the dominant approaches to African development, that is, capitalism and Marxism. Following this review and a critical reading of the reigning orthodoxies of economic mobilization and statecraft inherent in pre-colonial Africa, the authors propose a liberal-paternalistic theory of development rooted in the idea of African socialism/communalism. They argue that this idea provides a veritable basis for Africa’s development.

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