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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 28, Issue 3, 2018

Karl Marx: On the Occasion of the Bicentary of his Birth

Andrey I. Matsyna, Anatoly B. Nevelev
Pages 233-244

The Problem of Overcoming in the Creative Legacy of Karl Marx

The authors consider the phenomenon of overcoming and examines the culture of overcoming in Marxist dialectics. As the core thread for dealing with this issue in the writings of Karl Marx, the authors follows the research on the socio-biological problem carried out by Vladimir I. Plotnikov, a Russian representative of the Marxist dialectics. Examining Marx’s standpoint on the subject, Plotnikov provides an outline of the issue of overcoming. This issue is described as the issue of mankind overcoming its species’ boundaries and divided into the problems of the first and second overcoming. The first overcoming is defined as breaking out beyond the boundaries of instinctual activity, while the second—as the problem of removing the self-restrictions by an alienated person.

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