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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 28, Issue 2, 2018

Friendship—Around Michael H. Mitias’ Friendship: A Central Moral Value

Daniel O. Adekeye
Pages 159-175

The Hegelian Phenomenological Exposition of the Problem of Social Identity
A Theoretical Framework for Managing Difference in Multi-Ethnic Societies

The process of constructing a social reality where “difference” becomes a social asset rather than a monster that threatens peace and progress must commence with a phenomenological understanding of social interactions within and among human societies. In my opinion, Hegel, more than any other thinker, has constructed a phenomenological framework that adequately captures and represents the nature of group interactions within human societies. This paper explores the Hegelian phenomenon of social identity, and, especially, characterizes the interactions between and among various social identities. It is a modest effort to contribute theoretically to the available discourse on the management of “difference” in multi-ethnic societies.

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