The Digital Scholar: Philosopher's Lab

Volume 2, Issue 3, 2019

Evgeniy V. Maslanov
Pages 63-75

University of expertise – university after ruins

The article analyzes one of the possible approaches to building a new university. Based on a comparison of the functioning of the Humboldtian and Entrepreneurial universities, the author argues that they do not fully satisfy the contemporary needs of society. Focused on freedom of teaching and education through research, the Humboldtian university is currently being found in ruins. It gives scientists the special status of carriers of a certain epistemic authority, which cannot be criticized. The Entrepreneurial university turns scientists into entrepreneurs. They have no particular epistemic authority. As a result, the author concludes that a change in the functioning of universities can be described through a change in the epistemic position of scientists. From those who had a monopoly on knowledge and expertise they have turned into one of many different experts. In this context, the paper suggests considering a new model of the university – the university of expertise. Keeping all valuable from the Humboldtian and Entrepreneurial universities, the new model pays more attention to the formation of competencies associated with the expertise of teachers and students.