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The Digital Scholar: Philosopher's Lab

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2018

Vladimir V. Sliusarev
Pages 151-159

Philosophy and Information or the Philosophy of Information: A Brief Analytical Review

The paper depicts and evaluates a variety of approaches to the phenomenon of information in contemporary philosophical scholarship. The author emphasizes the significance of information as a notion within the analysis of today’s science and technology studies, as well as society studies. Obviously, information became a main research theme; however, there has not been given any precise definition of information. Relying on modern research in this field, the author makes an assumption that the definition of the concept of information can be associated with the definition of the phenomenological status of information. Guided by this assumption, he refers to a pervasive phenomenon of information in the history of philosophy and science and focuses on the evolution of ideas about information in Soviet and Western European scientific and philosophical discourses. The author points out that the Russian scholars have attempted a more detailed and fundamental study of the nature of information. To analyze the current state of the field of information research, the works by Luciano Floridi, Konstantin Colin and Liu Gang are considered. The author concludes about the advantages and perspectives of the modal information theory proposed by the Chinese team of researchers.

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