The Digital Scholar: Philosopher's Lab

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2018

Anton N. Fortunatov
Pages 143-159

The Ego-Medianess of Contemporary Communications as a Social-Philosophical Problem

The aim of the article is to analyze modern communication, which became a self-contained system of social relations, dictating a new status to the subject represented in it. The basic thesis is that communication as a social phenomenon evolves and leads to the dehumanization of social space. The author comes to a conclusion about the degradation of its most important principle that is intersubjectivity, relying on the theory of communicative rationality by Habermas and the developing of it. The old notions of communication, as an immense space of information opportunities, run into more and more obvious tendencies toward self-isolation of subjects, to the impossibility of finding a common language between representatives of various communicative systems. The research tasks include the identification of factors that affect this process. In particular, it is emphasized that the technological supply of communication links becomes a constant value that determines all information interactions in magnitude. There is a situation when communicative technologies begin to replace the very fact of human interaction. There is a situation when communica-tive technologies begin to replace the very fact of human interaction. Personality, forced into the reality of the communicative technosphere, receives at its disposal unprecedented technological opportunities, which make it extremely important to raise the question of the ethics of interacting subjects. Communication technologies destroy former moral guide-lines, turning social deviations into "norm". The article raises the question of new ethical imperatives in the media reality, based on social antagonism and rejection of the Other, on a hostile attitude towards it. The results of the researches conducted by the author lead him to the paradoxical conclusion that the evolution of communication, inverted inside itself, generates a new phenomenon, designated by the author as an "ego-medium". The individual becomes the source and consumer of his own news, isolating himself from the Others, who appear not as a reference group, but as material for self-affirmation. The human element in personality, in contrast to this, begins to manifest itself in overcoming the dictates of technology. The method of interpretation and reconstruction of social and philosophical concepts of various authors, the method of situational analysis and phenomenological description is used.