The Digital Scholar: Philosopher's Lab

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2018

Ilya T. Kasavin
Pages 6-22

The Digital Scholar and the Strategy of a Scholarly Journal in Philosophy

The article attracts attention to the fact that a scientific journal (not a magazine) today is an essential factor in the development of scientific research, as well as in the formation of a scientific tradition and cementing the disciplinary community. The history of philosophical journal serves to illustrate the different ways taken by the academic philosophy on the continent and in the Anglo-Saxon world and the role of social and cultural circumstances in the process. This divergence not only expressed a known pluralism of the philosophical trends, but also led to some negative consequences. The social technology of scientific journalism reflects the peculiarities and contradictions of modern science as a social institution, and in particular, the controversy between the commercialization of knowledge and knowledge as a public good. Scientific journal only then performs a positive role in the information society, when it promotes the strategy of dealing with and understanding science as a cultural value.