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Catholic Social Science Review

Volume 20, 2015

Michael J. Barga
Pages 75-86
DOI: 10.5840/cssr2015205

Social Work and Cultural Competency with Roman Catholics

Since the 1970s, issues in the political realm of the United States have increasingly created tension within religious communities including the Roman Catholic (RC) community. The divisions in the RC community are areas of difference which can lead to discrimination. While such divisions may always exist, the way in which these areas of difference within the RC community are recognized will play a factor in determining the level of discrimination experienced by RC individuals in different environments. This article will review how the term Catholic has been described in social work and related literature, which will enable a discussion of the future for social work in relating to differences within the RC community. The hope is for the social work profession to acknowledge areas of difference within the RC community and the potential for discrimination which occurs based on differing perspectives. By promoting a less political lexicon for tense topics and identifying areas of difference, the hope is to foster a respect for RCs of all opinions within the social work profession.

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