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Catholic Social Science Review

Volume 13, 2008

Mark S. Latkovic
Pages 269-285

Iraq, The “Surge,” and Just-War Theory: Some Thoughts About the Current Situation in Light of Catholic Morality

This piece was originally presented as a talk for the Archdiocese of Detroit’s Presbyteral Council’s “Disputed Questions” Debate, on February 19, 2008. It argues that the most recent phase of the Iraqi war effort—the “surge”—meets the just-war criteria. In the next issue of CSSR (2009) the editor would like to include a short "symposium" that would include responses to this article, and a reply from the author. Anyone who wishes to respond may submit, for review, a response of approximately 1000 words or less, by January 10, 2009. Send a Word file to [email protected] The numbering will make it easy for respondents to refer to the article. Keep in mind that this piece was written in March 2008.

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