Chiasmi International

Volume 15, 2013

Existence, Diacritics, Animality

Clélia Zernik
Pages 433-435

Emmanuel Alloa et Adnen Jdey (éds.), Du sensible à l’oeuvre: Esthétiques de Merleau Ponty; Mauro Carbone (éd.), L’empreinte du visuel: Merleau-Ponty et les images aujourd’ hui

The collective works edited by Emmanuel Alloa and Adnen Jdey, Du sensible à l’oeuvre, and by Mauro Carbone, L’empreinte du visuel, meet the dual requirement imposed by reading the work of Merleau-Ponty today: on one hand, they extend the philosopher’s thought and highlight its obvious necessity in reading the most contemporary art; and, on the other hand, by not allowing themselves to be lulled by the gentle seduction of the writing, they emphasize the coherence of his thought and the rigor of certain of his key concepts such as style, resumption, flesh or individuation, which are the object of precise and unpublished studies.