Volume 61, Issue 2, December 2021

Maria Carolina Campone
Pages 463-478

Vocibus concinentium
musica e canto nell’architettura “politica” di Paolino di Nola

The analysis of Letter XLV of Paulinus of Nola, addressed to Augustine, shows how the author rebuilds, at its deepest level, the conceptual nucleus of platonic reflection, founded on the notion of “harmony” – with clear mathematical-musical and political implications – which also determines the presence of the cursus of this subject in the letter’s prose. Contrasting this text with others by the Cimitilite ascetic, it is possible to point out a precise line of thought, intended to define an ideal model of society founded on the polysemic value of concinentia through a revival of the common themes that pertain specifically to neoplatonic philosophy.