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Volume 58, Issue 2, December 2018

Alessandro Orengo
Pages 533-595
DOI: 10.5840/agstm201858231

Canoni conciliari armeni: Šahapivan e Dowin

The present article deals with the canon laws enacted at the councils of Šahapivan (444) and Dowin (645). The canons of Šahapivan have reached us as part of the Kanonagirkc Hayocc [‘Armenian Canons’], a collection of canonical texts assembled in the 7th century by Katc ołikos Yovhannēs Awjnecc i and based on heavily interpolated texts. The canons of Dowin, not included in Awjnecc i’s collection, have followed a different route. The article includes a translation of both sets of canons based on the Armenian texts edited by V. Hakobyan (Kanonagirkc Hayocc, Erevan 1964–1971), which are also reproduced here.