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Volume 55, Issue 2, December 2015

Gianluca Masi
Pages 559-604
DOI: 10.5840/agstm201555234

La Laudatio altera S. Stephani Protomartyris attribuita a Gregorio di Nissa (CPG 3187)
Un testimone in lingua armena

Gregory of Nyssa’s Laudatio altera S. Stephani Protomartyris (CPG 3187) has been critically published by Lendle from the two extant copies of the long recension, mostly disregarding the unique Greek witness of a short form which is attributed to John Chrysostom. Following the unveiling of an Armenian translation of the short recension, also attributed to Chrysostom, the paper examines its critical role, its links with the short Greek form and proposes a revision of Lendle’s text.

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