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Volume 51, Issue 1, June 2011

Patricio de Navascués Benlloch
Pages 21-45
DOI: 10.5840/agstm20115112

“Cuerpo” en la tradición antioquena
el caso de Eustacio de Antioquía

Faced with an Alexandrian (Arian) anthropology of Neoplatonic inspiration, Eustathius adopts a strong position in several statements that is similar to a stoic Aristotelianism of the 4th century. Nevertheless, Eustathius's reflection is more genuinely theological, than it is reflective of any particular philosophical trend. For him, the human body is a dynamic concept which finds its full meaning in light of the history of salvation, wherein the incarnate and glorified Logos, the second Adam, brings to completion the perfection and incorruptibility of the humble body formed from clay in the first Adam, the protoplast.