The Acorn

Volume 15, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2015/2016

A Gandhian Review

Sanjay Lal
Pages 23-27

Clarifying The Place Of Love In Gandhian Non-Violence

Those who accept a philosophy of non-violence akin to that advocated by Mahatma Gandhi commonly think of their stance as being in line with (if not actually called for) by the demands of love. It has not been hard for commentators to offer scenarios that present problems for this assumption. In what follows I will argue that such problems are overcome by Gandhi because he insists that the love required by nonviolence should be construed as universal, non-discriminating, and selfless in the widest sense—agape in its fullness. I will further show that problems presented for the view that Gandhian non-violence fits with and follows the demands of love exist for us, Gandhi holds, only in so far as we have not fully realized they type of love discussed here.