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Copyrights and Permissions

The copyright for all materials appearing in the regular issues and in the supplements of this journal is held by the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, and consent for any reproduction or reprinting must be obtained from the journal, with the following exception.

Automatic Permission to Reproduce

Permission to reproduce parts of individual numbers of Canadian Journal of Philosophy by photocopy, xerox, offset, etc., for scholarly purposes (but not for republishing by printing nor for sale to the public) is automatically granted without prior permission being secured at the following rates: 10 cents for each copy of each page of CJP.

Remuneration is to be paid to the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, stating title and author of the article and number of copies. Proceeds above $50.00 from any one article will be shared with the author. This announcement applies retroactively to volume I, number 1.

All business correspondence should be addressed to Canadian Journal of Philosophy, University of Calgary Press, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4, Canada.