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Cover of The Art of Experimental Natural History

The Art of Experimental Natural History

Francis Bacon in Context

Dana Jalobeanu

Francis Bacon introduced his contemporaries to a new way of investigating nature. He called it “natural and experimental history.” Despite its rather traditional name, Bacon’s natural and experimental history was a new discipline, comprised of new ideas, new practices and new models of collaborative research. It was a surprisingly successful project. It provided early modern naturalists with tools, methods and models for both investigating nature and writing about their subject. It also offered a set of norms and values for guiding research. And yet, this new discipline was more like an art, not a science of nature. This book tracea the emergence, evolution and reception of Francis Bacon’s art of experimental natural history.

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  • Dana Jalobeanu is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Bucharest.

    · ISBN: 978-606-8266-92-3 (ebook) · Online access on this site · Published May 2015 ·
    · ISBN: 978-606-8266-93-0 (paperback) · Print and eBook options available from Zeta Books ·

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