Cover of Schleiermacher’s Icoses

Schleiermacher’s Icoses

Social Ecologies of the Different Methods of Translating

Douglas Robinson

Schleiermacher’s Icoses is the first book-length study of the 1813 Academy address “Ueber die verschiedenen Methodes des Uebersetzens”. It undertakes a comprehensive examination of the argument, from its theory of hermeneutics to its foreignizing theory of translation and the passing “poetic” elements on which Schleiermacher’s rhetoric relied. The “icoses” in the title are an articulation of the Gefühle/feelings that lie at the heart of Schleiermacher’s hermeneutics—specifically, his insistence that feelings are shaped by society, and thus seem “objective” or “universal,” but are experienced inwardly by each individual, so they seem “subjective” and “private.” Research-based “feeling one’s way into an author” is guided by culture, and is therefore not (pace certain twentieth-century hermeneutical philosophers) mystical but “icotic.”

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  • Douglas Robinson is Dean of the Arts Faculty at Hong Kong Baptist University. He has published on various aspects of human communication and social interaction, and is best known for his work in translation studies.

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