Cover of Phenomenology and Human Science Research Today

Phenomenology and Human Science Research Today

Massimiliano Tarozzi & Luigina Mortari, Editors

Like the Phoenix, the phenomenological movement has been reborn many times from its own ashes during the last century. In the present volume the editors address the rich multiplicity and the fruitful complexity of the phenomenology as a philosophy of thought and as a style of thinking. Contributions from all over the world and from a wide range of disciplines are presentede, along three main axes in which phenomenology can be seen within human science research: theoretical framework, methodological thinking and research practice.

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  • The editors are convinced that the essence of phenomenology can be found in its practice. In this sense, the key question for understand this philosophy is not “what is phenomenology”, but “how to do it.”Phenomenology is a way to educate our vision, to define our posture, to broaden the way we look at the world. That is why phenomenology is not only explicable as a method (or style) for philosophical research, but also as a powerful tool for research in human science.

    · ISBN: 978-973-1997-45-2 (ebook) · Online access on this site · Published 2010 ·
    · ISBN: 978-973-1997-44-5 6 (paperback) · Print and eBook options available from Zeta Books ·

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