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Cover of Teaching New Histories of Philosophy

Teaching New Histories of Philosophy

Sponsored by the Princeton University Center for Human Values

J. B. Schneewind, Editor

This volume contains papers, comments and discussion from the "Teaching New Histories of Philosophy" conference sponsored by the Princeton University Center for Human Values in 2003. Conference participants explored the extent to which courses on the history of modern philosophy continue to provide both an adequate introduction to the subject and necessary preparation for advanced work in the field. The conference was motivated by an awareness of the many recent books that situate the major works of modern philosophy in their varied contexts. This publication was supported by Princeton's Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies.

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  • · ISBN-13: 978-0-9763726-0-8 · ISBN-10: 0-9763726-0-6 ·
    · Originally published 2004 · 23 contributions, 388 pages, PDF format · Print copies not available ·

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