Cover of Demonstrating Philosophy

Demonstrating Philosophy

Novel Ways to Teach Philosophical Concepts

Arnold Wilson, Editor

This collection, assembled by the founding editor of Teaching Philosophy, presents dozens of creative efforts to illustrate, enliven, make real for their students different ideas and concepts of philosophy. These essays are of continuing use and inspiration to all teachers of philosophy and related disciplines. Exploring successful efforts to reach students in new ways - from simple crossword puzzles that help students remember philosophy vocabulary to complex simulation games illustrating abstract philosophical ideas - can help teachers understand what has worked in the classroom and why, and inspire genuinely new instructional approaches.

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  • · ISBN-13: 978-0-8191-7198-6 · ISBN-10: 0-8191-7199-0 · Originally published 1988 by University Press of America · 33 contributions, 234 pages · Online only; searchable PDF format · Print copies no longer available ·

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