Cover of Reflective Analysis

Reflective Analysis

A First Introduction into Phenomenological Investigation

Lester Embree

The basic contention of this work is that phenomenology is fundamentally an approach, rather than a set of texts or concepts: phenomenologizing involves modes of observation and analysis that we can learn to perform better. The author presents his account step by step, using everyday examples and dealing not only with perceiving and thinking (leading themes for most phenomenologists), but also with valuing and willing. Charts and diagrams are used to summarize key distinctions, and exercises are included that help readers refine this approach for themselves.

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  • This text was designed for college students and there is a “Preface for Instructors” who wish to use the book in the classroom. There is also helpful “first introduction” that readers can study on their own. The work is suitable for students in all disciplines, and will be especially welcome to readers who appreciates learning by doing and prefer examples to footnotes.

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    · ISBN: 978-606-8266-16-9 (ebook) · 2nd edition, published 2011 · Online access on this site ·
    · ISBN: 978-606-8266-24-4 (paperback) · Print and eBook options available from Zeta Books ·

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