Cover of The Time is Now

The Time is Now

Essays on the Philosophy of Becoming

Mihaela Gligor, Editor

What is becoming? Is there a philosophy of becoming? And if there is, how do we experience it in our times? The contributors worked independently on these questions, yet their different contributions come together well in this collection that covers the vast area of philosophy of time and other areas. Each article includes a well-documented bibliography and thorough notes, making the volume indispensable for the academic community focused on work in philosophy.

"The title of Mihaela Gligor’s edited collection is wonderfully flexible, as anything having to do with time should be. .... The volume does fine justice to the notion that we experience time as already shaped by religion, politics, and culture. Whether its contributions cover religious or political figures, philosophers or poets, mystics or physicists, they show – sometimes explicitly, sometimes more discreetly – how difficult it is to deal with time in a pure, unmediated form. The contributors’ cultural, religious, and intellectual rooting inform the way think about time, just as about anything else. Which, far from being a weakness, is something to be recognized and celebrated." - Costică Brădățan, Texas Tech University

· ISBN: 978-606-697-131-7 (ebook) · Published 2020 · Online access on this site ·
· ISBN: 978-606-697-130-0 (paperback) · Print / eBook available from Zeta Books ·

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