Cover of Cognition and Comprehension in Translational Hermeneutics

Cognition and Comprehension in Translational Hermeneutics

John Stanley, Brian O’Keeffe, Radegundis Stolze, and Larisa Cercel, Editors

This volume presents contributions from the Third Conference on Translational Hermeneutics held in Cologne in 2016. The collection seeks to open vistas of research as regards the cognitive factors involved in the practice of translation undertaken by human beings. At issue is the contribution Translational Hermeneutics can make as a field in assessing the highly complex decisions, responses, and reactions involved in translation.

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  • Contributors include Mathilde Fontanet, Alberto Gil, Karolina Jezewska, Kasia Jezewska, Eliane Laverdure, Anna Pavlova, Anthony Pym, Paulo Oliveira, Douglas Robinson, Mohamed Saki, Lucia Salvato, Holger Siever, John Stanley, Radegundis Stolze, Tomáš Svoboda, and Masoud Pourahmadali Tochahi.

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    · ISBN: 978-606-697-127-0 (electronic) · Published 2021 · Online access on this site ·
    · ISBN: 978-606-697-126-3 (paperback) · Print/eBook available from Zeta Books ·

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