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Branching Off

The Early Moderns in Quest for the Unity of Knowledge

Vlad Alexandrescu, Editor


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    • Foreword

    I. Faces of Knowledge

    • Nathan Smith: Mathesis, Mathematics and Method in Descartes’s Regulae: A Reprise 
    • Elodie Cassan: Théorie de la science et physique chez Descartes 
    • Vlad Alexandrescu: The double question of the individuation of physical bodies in Descartes
    • Roger Ariew: Descartes and Leibniz on the Principle of Individuation 
    • Lucian Petrescu: Descartes and the Internal Senses. On memory and remembrance 
    • Stephen Gaukroger: The unity of knowledge: natural philosophical foundations of Spinoza’s politico-theology 
    • Daniel Garber: Leibniz, Theology and the Mechanical Philosophy 
    • Sorana Corneanu: Locke on the Study of Nature 

    II. Mapping Knowledge and Traditions

    • Massimiliano Savini: La Panacea Philosophica de Johann Heinrich Alsted:
      un projet architectonique d’accès au savoir
    • Dana Jalobeanu: The fascination of Solomon’s House in seventeenth century England: Baconianism revisited
    • Giulia Belgioioso: «Toute hyperbole tend là, de nous amener à la vérité par l’excès de la vérité, c’est-à-dire par la mensonge»:
      les parcours hyperboliques qui amènent à la vérité de Balzac à Descartes 
    • Igor Agostini: Caterus on God as “ens a se” 
    • Justin E.H. Smith: Descartes and Henry More on living bodies 
    • Mihnea Dobre: The Scientific Journals of the Seventeenth-Century:
      Cartesianism in Journal des Sçavans and Philosophical Transactions, 1665-1670 
    • Eric Lewis: Sir Kenelm Digby and the Weapon Salve in Seventeenth Century England 
    • Brandon Look: Leibniz and Locke on Real and Nominal Essences

    · ISBN: 978-973-1997-43-8 (ebook) · Online access on this site · Published 2009 ·
    · ISBN: 978-973-1997-42-1 6 (paperback) · Print and eBook options from Zeta Books ·

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