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Women's Philosophy Review

The Journal of the Society for Women in Philosophy UK, 1993-2002

Christine Battersby, Rachel Jones, and Helen Chapman, Editor

The Women's Philosophy Review was a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to feminist theory and philosophy. It was the successor to the Women in Philosophy Newsletter (1989-1993), and became a respected venue for articles, reviews, and interviews relevant to feminist theory and gender theory. The Women's Philosophy Review was the official journal of the Society for Women in Philosophy UK. It ceased publication in 2002.

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  • Contributors and interviewed scholars included Judith Butler, Barbara Cassin, Drucilla Cornell, Monique David-Ménard, Michèle Le Dœuff, Martha Nussbaum, and Iris Marion Young.

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    · ISSN 1369-4324 (print) · Irregular · Published 1993-2002 · Online access forthcoming September 2020 ·

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