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Studia Neoaristotelica

A Journal of Analytical Scholasticism

Daniel D. Novotny, Editor

Studia Neoaristotelica is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to the promotion of Aristotelian philosophy broadly conceived, drawing on the rich legacy of the scholastic tradition and contemporary analytical metaphysics. Special emphasis is placed on the most advanced forms of scholastic thought that emerged during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Our vision is to work toward a philosophical synthesis of analytic and scholastic methods and ideas, providing a contribution to Christian philosophy as well as wider secular thought.

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  • The journal is published by Editiones Scholasticae and the University of South Bohemia Faculty of Theology. Online access is provided by the Philosophy Documentation Center.

    · ISSN 1214-8407 (print) · Print copies available from Editiones Scholasticae ·
    · ISSN 1804-6843 (online) · Access includes volume 1 (2004) to the present ·

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