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The Philosophy Research Index was developed to provide bibliographic information on articles, books, reviews, dissertations, and other documents in philosophy. It covered current and recent materials, as well as older literature back to the 15th century, in several languages. Listings and features included:

  • over 1.34 million bibliograpic records
  • 800 journals and series
  • coverage of materials in 30 languages
  • multiple search and browse options
  • facted search results, integrated time line
  • metasearch of all PDC resources
  • automatic translation function
  • save/export search results
  • direct links to JSTOR
  • OpenURL linking

The data collected for PRI has been made available to PhilPapers to create the most complete and accessible research index for the philosophical community. PDC partnered with PhilPapers in 2014 and now helps to maintain and operate the project.

PRI Coverage

Topics covered include: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, history of philosophy, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, political philosophy, and social philosophy.

Electronic feeds from publishers established for PRI will be used to support PhilPapers. Outlines of complete listings are provided in the Submissions Guidelines.

· ISSN 2158-916X (online) · Now consolidating with PhilPapers · PRI is no longer available ·
· Institutions previously that subscribed to PRI should now subscribe to PhilPapers ·

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