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Midwest Studies in Philosophy

Peter A. French and Howard K. Wettstein, Editors

Midwest Studies in Philosophy is an annual journal in the analytic tradition that presents important thinking on major topics in philosophy. Since 1976 it has published edited volumes of invited papers that bring provocative and varying ideas to the theme at hand. Beginning 2020, Midwest Studies in Philosophy is published by the Philosophy Documentation Center. Archive volumes also available from Wiley Periodicals.

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  • Contributors include G. E. M. Anscombe, Margaret Atherton, Simon Blackburn, Hector-Neri Castañeda, Paul Feyerabend, Richard Fumerton, Virginia Held, Ted Honderich, Jaegwon Kim, Saul Kripke, Ruth Barcan Marcus, Joseph Margolis, Martha Nussbaum, Terence Parsons, W. V. Quine, Amelie O. Rorty, Peter Singer, Amartya Sen, Ernest Sosa, Patrick Suppes, Robert Paul Wolff, Crispin Wright, and Linda Zagzebski.

    · ISSN 0363-6550 (print) · Annual · Published by the Philosophy Documentation Center ·
    · ISSN 1475-4975 (online) · Online access includes Volume 1 (1976) to the present ·


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