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Environment, Space, Place

In collaboration with the International Association for the Study of Environment, Space, and Place

C. Patrick Heidkamp, Troy Paddock, and Christine Petto, Editors

Environment, Space, Place is a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal committed to values contributing to our rootedness to the earth and attunement to the environment, space, and place. Interdisciplinary is taken to mean that each discipline is encouraged to share its own particular excellence with the other disciplines in an open exchange. Transdisciplinary is taken to mean that contributors are required to make the "geographical turn." Meant in the etymological sense of "earthinscription" or the spatiality of meaning, the geographical turn frames or makes thematic the spatial aspect of any and all earthly / worldly phenomena.

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  • Environment, Space, Place volumes 1-8 (2009-2016) were published by Zeta Books in collaboration with the International Association for the Study of Environment, Space, and Place.

    · ISSN 2066-5377 (print) · Biannual · Current issues available from the University of Minnesota Press ·
    · ISSN 2068-9616 (online) · Archive access only includes volumes 1-8 (2009-2016) ·


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