Cover of Dilthey-Jahrbuch für Philosophie und Geschichte der Geisteswissenschaften

Dilthey-Jahrbuch für Philosophie und Geschichte der Geisteswissenschaften

In Verbindung mit O. F. Bollnow, U. Dierse, K. Gründer, R. Makkreel, O. Pöggeler und H.-M. Sass

Frithjof Rodi, Herausgeber

The Dilthey-Jahrbuch published contemporary and historical studies that examined the philosophical foundations and social-historical context of the human sciences. Its approach was based on Wilhelm Dilthey's examination of the methods of the human sciences outlined in his Einleitung in die Geisteswissenschaften. It published original articles and reviews, research bibliographies, conceptual histories, and unpublished manuscripts. Contributors included Otto F. Bollnow, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Carl F. Gethmann, Jean Grondin, Theodore Kisiel, and Rudolf Makkreel. Other authors included Martin Heidegger, José Ortega y Gasset, Helmuth Plessner, and Joachim Ritter.

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  • The Dilthey-Jahrbuch was established in 1983 on the occasion of Dilthey's 150th birthday. It ceased publication in 2000, but remains an important resource for scholarly work in the history of philosophy and related fields.

    · ISSN 0175-0135 · Published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht ·
    · Annual · Online access includes all volumes (1983-2000) ·

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